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Healthy life style constitutes balanced diet, proper exercise and adequate rest. Health of the citizens is wealth of the nation. But in today scenario, no one is healthy. This has happened due to imbalance of the 3 important aspects of the health is diet, exercise and rest.

Diet: The food we eat is a slow poison. Our ancestor used to eat food that are grown in their own field, No pesticides, no insect& worms, no contamination and also their diet is balanced in all aspects. Their diet is rich in protein. But today we eat food which is high in fat and sugar content. We select it since it is easy to cook. Inspite, if we try to select organic food, it is expensive. Our diet lacks in protein, good fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals but rich in simple carbohydrates (sugars), preservatives, salt and bad fat.

Exercise: In past, they were not doing any exercise but their day to day activity is itself a physical activity, Eg: farming, carrying heavy weights-cereal bags, water etc, walking long distance (no vehicles). our life style is sedentary, where we don’t sweat enough so we go in for search of gyms to do exercise, and 90% of us not able to do it due to lack of time and money. Recent developments in technology, children spent their leisure time in playing videogames, sitting at PC, they don’t go out for playing so the habit of physical exercise is not inculcated right from childhood as they grow they totally forget to spend time for exercise and end up in diseases. Ten years ago, our life expectancy was 80, but now it has come down to 60. Living up to 60years without any disease is great in current situation.

Rest: For proper functioning of mind and body, it is necessary for an individual to have 8 hours of sound sleep. Lack of sleep starts from the age of childhood. As they grow, stress also grows along with them, which leads to lack of sleep. It would be right to say that we are not getting good quality of sleep i.e. sound sleep instead of lack of sleep .Few people sleep for eight hours but it is a disturbed sleep. Lack of sleep affects the health of the individual, the whole metabolism changes which in turn sow the seed for diseases, prone to develop in future.

In order to live a healthy lifestyle a person must know to know to balance all the above. How???
  • 1 Eating fresh home cooked foods
  • 2 Include lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  • 3 Avoid eating ready to cook and eat foods.
  • 4 Eat at least 2 fruits per day.
  • 5 Include all types of whole grains and cereals in the diet.
  • 6 If possible go for organic foods.
  • 7 Allot one hour in day for exercise (minimum 5 days a week)
  • 8 Exercise may include playing any sport, swimming, yoga, brisk walking etc.
  • 9 Go to bed by 10pm and wake up by 6am.
  • 10 Avoid loud music and action movies before going to bed.
  • 11 Practice yoga and meditation
  • 12 Relax before you sleep